Mental Health Law

Boston, Massachusetts mental health law attorney David Blake has been helping persons with mental illness and their families for more than three decades. He brings passion, dedication and commitment to his work. As a family member of a person with a mental illness, attorney Blake also brings a personal understanding of the challenges families face in seeking what is best for their loved one.

Key concerns in mental health law include:

Competency and Capacity
At Blake & Associates, our Massachusetts mental health law attorneys do petitioner work on behalf of family members seeking to have a person declared incompetent so that Guardianship or Conservatorship can be put in place.

To learn more, see Competency & Capacity

Guardianship and Conservatorship
We know from experience that the role of guardian or conservator for a mentally ill person can difficult and emotionally trying, but it is also vitally important. Mental health attorney David Blake is available to help families consider all available options for managing the affairs of their mentally ill family member, including guardianship or co-guardianship so that two family members can share the responsibility. If you cannot find a family member who is willing and able to undertake this responsibility, Attorney Blake is a Registered Guardian with the National Guardianship Foundation and can assume this role or can seek another person to fill this role.

To learn more, see Guardianship & Conservatorship

Medical Care
Undoubtedly the most difficult issue families face is the unwillingness of most mentally ill people to consent to medication or electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT). It is the nature of the illness that the person believes there is nothing wrong with them. Our lawyers work with families seeking commitment orders for psychiatric hospitalization and forced treatment for people who are highly likely to benefit from treatment.

This is emotionally difficult for families, but many patients do improve with treatment; they are simply not capable of seeking it themselves. Blake & Associates will provide the legal counsel, information and support you need to take this challenging step so that your loved one can find relief. If necessary, Attorney Blake will serve as an emergency guardian in order to authorize treatment.

Your mentally ill loved one also has legal rights, including the right to say no to treatment. He or she will have legal representation at any court proceeding for commitment or treatment. Attorney Blake has also represented the interests of people who wish to pursue their legal right to control their own life.

These are not simple matters. At Blake & Associates our Massachusetts mental health law attorneys have handled many, many complex mental health cases. We invite you to contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal concerns.

The law advocates at Blake & Associates, located in Old City Hall in the center of Boston, MA, represent the interests of elderly and vulnerable clients and those suffering mental illness, as well as the families who strive to ensure their needs are met in Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, Norfolk and Worcester Counties including Sherborn, Weston, Lexington, and Belmont. When you think you have nowhere else to turn; turn to us.